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AQUAPOR – Serviços, S.A., in partnership with TAWZEA, was invited by Modon to qualify for tender concession of water services in the industrial cities of Jeddah 2 and Jeddah 3, in Saudi Arabia. The invitation was addressed at the end of last year to the only world-renowned companies such as ACCIONA, AQUALIA, AQUAPOR / TAWZEA, SAUR, SUEZ, VEOLIA. Having being qualified, TAWZEA / AQUAPOR presented a proposal later in the month of February, 2016.

The contracting authority, Saudi Industrial Property Authority (Modon) is responsible for the development of industrial cities in various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Currently oversees 34 industrial cities holding more than 5800 industries, predicting a growth up to 40 cities in the next five years.

TAWZEA - International Water Distribution Co.Ltd is a company that operates in the service sector with recognized prestige, in particular with Modon who currently has three contracts on BOT format, one of the industrial city of Jeddah 1 (12 km2).

The Concession Agreement of Water Services for industrial cities of Jeddah 2 and Jeddah 3 covers water supply distribution services, collection and treatment of waste water, distribution of industrial water and rainwater management. The two industrial cities are distant between them, about 3.5 km. The concession period is for 5 years, renewable up to 25, and the renewal and remuneration is based on performance indicators. In total, the two cities covers about 30 km2 of concessioned area , holding between 1000-1500 industries with initially water supply forecasting of 10 000 m3 initially.


This proposal is the result of the presence and commitment of AQUAPOR team in the Saudi market and recognition by the local partners of the added value and quality of services provided.