AQUAPOR wins Golden Tube for Best Customer Service

AQUAPOR won the Award of the Portuguese Association for Water Distribution and Drainage (APDA) for Best Customer Service. The company currently has an overall satisfaction rate of 85%, and 92% regarding customer service.

"This Golden Pipe is recognition of the work AQUAPOR has done internally in improving its customer service. We are completely focused on providing a good service to our customers - and they have also recognized this with the increased satisfaction rate we have had," explains António Cunha, CEO of AQUAPOR.

AQUAPOR's customer support services were restructured due to the pandemic context, allowing more points of contact (stores, call center, email, chat, SMS, APP, and website). AQUAPOR also instituted a unique number and email for contact facilitating the relationship with the company, in addition to having reformulated the invoices, making them easier to read.

All these improvements, instituted by AQUAPOR in its customer support service, resulted in greater speed and responsiveness, despite the high number of contacts received. The Customer Support of all AQUAPOR affiliates receives over 50,000 calls monthly, with an average waiting time of 70 seconds, and over 10,000 emails, with 95% of these being answered in less than 24 hours. The chat provided by the company has about 500 contacts per month, and the issue is resolved in 96% of cases.

Regarding the means of payment, and in addition to the increasing adherence to direct debit by customers, AQUAPOR has increased the modalities, preparing to accept payments via MBWAY through the invoice by the end of this year.

The Award was delivered in a ceremony held in Vilamoura, as part of the National Meeting of Water and Sanitation Management Entities (ENEG 2021).