Aquapor Group participates in the IWA Digital World Water Congress 2021

Water supports human and environmental existence. The serious water challenges facing the world today demand an unprecedented global response.

The IWA Digital World Water Congress, taking place from May 24th to June 4th, is a virtual event that aims to bring together industry professionals working towards a more sustainable world.

From water resources and large-scale water management to wastewater treatment and resource recovery, an event that explores the frontiers of science, technology and brings innovative and pragmatic solutions to the challenges of water and urban sanitation.

The Aquapor Group participated in Session 2 of the Digital World Water Week, whose focus was on the discussion of Climate Adaptation Management, with the presentation “The challenges of implementing climate-resilient water safety plans - a utility management group perspective”.

Cláudia Guerreiro, Responsible for the Projects and Innovation Area, presented the work developed within the Aquapor Group, namely the challenges arising from the path of the Group's Concessions, in the implementation of Water Safety Plans.