Águas do Planalto delivers 8 thousand bottles to 62 schools

The school community of Mortágua and Santa Comba Dão also already have their environmentally friendly stainless steel bottle.

Through the awareness campaign carried out by Águas do Planalto, the School Group in the municipality of Mortágua and Santa Comba Dão received reusable bottles this Thursday, April 22.

The Mortágua School Group received 1,125 bottles and 1,200 were delivered in Santa Comba Dão. These bottles will be distributed to all students, teachers, and technical assistants in the respective schools.

The delivery ceremonies were attended by the Board of Directors of Águas do Planalto, by Daniel Morais, representing the municipality of Mortágua, and by Rui Alcino Ferreira, representative of the Mortágua School Group.

Leonel Gouveia and Agostinho Marques, President and Vice-President of the Municipality of Santa Comba Dão, respectively, and Madalena Dinis, Director of the Santa Comba Dão School Group, were present in Santa Comba Dão.

The initiative aims to raise the awareness of the school community in the municipalities concerned to reduce the ecological footprint, to the need to reduce the use of plastics and to consume more and more tap water. In addition, in the pandemic context, the measure can also have a positive impact, as it limits contact with objects that are not personal.

Preserving the environment and the environmental impact is everyone's responsibility and Águas do Planalto thus contributes to the five municipalities where it has been operating since 1998. The company serves more than 72 thousand inhabitants and honors the commitment to guarantee the population the water supply and distribution.