Gender Equality Policy

According to the guidelines of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Treaty on European Union, the European Pact for Gender Equality, and also the provisions of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic (art. 13) and the Labor Code (art. 23 to 65), gender equality is a human right essential for the development of society and for the full participation in society of men and women as people.


"Gender equality is a fundamental value of the EU, a fundamental right and a key principle of the European Pillar of Social Rights. It reflects who we are and is also an essential condition for an innovative, competitive and prosperous European economy."


AQUAPOR, in general, incorporates in its management practices actions that contribute to make gender equality in its different areas a reality in the organization.


In this sense, and as a way to demonstrate its commitment to this issue, before the preparation of this Plan, a consultation/questionnaire was made to all employees of AQUAPOR practices.


Thus, the practices of AQUAPOR in the context of Gender Equality were analyzed.


You can consult our Gender Equality Policy here.