COVID-19: Grupo Aquapor

As part of the National Plan for Preparing and Responding to Disease due to a new Coronavirus (Covid-19) released by the General Health Directorate (GDH), Aquapor Group decided to adopt preventive measures in force until the alert level was reduced by the GHD.

In this sense, we ask all our customers to favor telephone or online contact, namely our Digital Counter area, and to avoid using to our presential service stations.


What are Aquapor Group Companies doing to protect their water supply?

Aquapor Group companies, as entities that manage Water Services, carefully monitor national and international guidelines on COVID-19, while taking precautionary measures to protect the health of employees.

We have implemented water quality control procedures, adjusted to the alert level transmitted by the Health Authority, which will be adjusted according to the evolution of the situation, promoting the safety of the distribution water supply systems. Most of our companies have implemented Water Safety Plans and operate accordingly as usual means of operation.

We are implementing extraordinary hygiene measures in water treatment plants, reinforcing attention payed to the Disinfection treatment stage, whose process, using chlorine compounds, is effective in destroying several virus, as Covid-19.

We share with our employees the preventive measures indicated by GDH on how they can minimize the risk of contracting COVID-19.


Is the water supplied to me by the supply network safe?

Yes. The water distributed through the distribution network in Portugal is of good quality and properly treated.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the treatment processes used in surface and underground water treatment plants are suitable for removing contaminants and disinfecting water, inactivating pathogenic microorganisms, including COVID-19.
If the employees of the Management Entities are quarantined at home, will supply services be provided?
Water supply is an essential service and management entities are adequately prepared to manage the respective response to COVID-19, adjusting internal operating procedures to the verified evolution of the situation.

In general, water treatment plants are prepared to adjust the treatment level; they require few operators, the largest of which are mainly operated remotely, via remote management.

Should I buy bottled water?

Safe and clean tap water will continue to be provided with the right level of treatment, so there is no need to buy bottled water.